Indonesian currency (Indonesian Rupiah – IDR)

In Indonesia, my experience so far (Bali only at the time of writing) is that most people use cash to pay for everything.
So here is a quick post to show what the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) looks like.
They use both coins and bank notes – but 99% of the time, it’s bank notes only.
If you are from Norway, Norges Bank has a web page with the latest currency updates.

20140924-IDR-coins 20140924-IDR-coins-2

20140930-1000-IDR 20140930-1000-IDR-2

20140924-indonsia-2000-rupiah 20140924-indonsia-2000-rupiah-2

20140924-indonsia-5000-rupiah 20140924-indonsia-5000-rupiah-2

20140924-indonsia-10000-rupiah 20140924-indonsia-10000-rupiah-2

20140924-indonsia-20000-rupiah 20140924-indonsia-20000-rupiah-2

20140924-indonsia-50000-rupiah 20140924-indonsia-50000-rupiah-2

20140924-indonsia-100000-rupiah 20140924-indonsia-100000-rupiah-2

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