Traveling to Bali in a few hours

Our time in Thailand is soon over and in less than two hours we have to get up (if we sleep at all) and get a taxi to drive us over to Don Mueang International Airport also known as Thailands OLD international airport. The other one is called Suvarnabhumi Internatinal Airport and is Thailands newest International Airport.
We are flying with AirAsia and they seem to operate mostly from the Don Mueang Airport 🙂 We spoke to the receptionist at our Maxim’s Inn hotel, smack in the midle of Bangkok (Nana – sky train stop) and he told us he would order a taxi to come pick us up at 03.00. Then we can look forward to a one hour drive over to the Airport. He also told us we would have to pay 500bath for it. Then we have to wait another two hours on the airport before take off at 06.15 (Flight time from Don Mueang in Bangkok – Thailand to Denpasar – Bali is 4hours and 15 minutes).

Bali is known as the island of the gods and I must say I’m looking forward to the nature, the diving and the temples 🙂 First stop is the capital Denpasar where we have booked a stay at Bali Dream Costel for two days, and after that hopefully some Mola Mola excursions and then just generally explore Bali both over and under water 😀



*Bali Dream Costel


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