Welcome to our travel blog

Hi and welcome to Wania and Morten’s travel blog.

We are two Norwegians who startet this blog when we decided to take a year off and travel the world (2014-2015).
Our trip started June 4th 2014 and our current plan is to visit Thailand and primarily Koh Tao to do different scuba diving courses and underwater photography.
After Thailand our plan is to roam around Indonesia and spend 2 months visiting the following places: Bali, Lombok, Gili Islands, Komodo and Flores.
After that if the plans don’t change we want to visit Palau in Micronesia.
From there we are going to the Philippines where we will spend Christmas and possibly new years eve 🙂
After that, then maybe we’re going to Australia and then the rest of our plan is to go to Fiji and Tonga, and from there Cook islands and/or French Polynesia.
Our final destination is Hawaii where we plan to spend two months.

We started this travel blog to easily keep family and friends up to date.
But our plan is also to be a guide/reference to others planing or considering to do the same thing.
We hope you enjoy our blog and at the same time we hope to encourage you to dream and travel 😀

Our current location: Oahu island – Hawaii (April 2015)
Next planed stops: (you are welcome to visit us if you want some company 🙂
Kauai island – Hawaii
Maui island – Hawaii
Los Angeles/New York/Iceland? But we have to be back in Norway before June 4th – 2015

Best regards Wania and Morten